What can you expect as an iFuel Solutions Customer
  • Cheaper Fuel
  • National Network
  • Improved fleet control
  • Easy Payments
  • Accurate Data
  • Transactional Controls
  • No hidden costs - Zero cost


Cheaper fuel

Connects fuel wholesalers with wholesale customers, allowing fuel wholesalers to manage their own offering.

National network

Provide cheaper fuel on a national basis via a network of small to mid-sized businesses & depots.

Improved fleet control

Allows wholesale fuel customers to control drivers, fleet vehicles and monitor fleet performance via pre re-fuel approvals an dreal time reports and dashboards.

Easy payments
Payment solutions available

Account clients & Direct Transaction Arrangement (DTA) (potential to track rebates for mining, forestry and farming for SARS purposes).
Via the merchant machine (banking fuel cards) (transaction recorded in app).
Pre-paid account with iFuel managed on the system.

Accurate data

Dashboard with analytics.

Transactional controls

Pre-approval, submitted prior to re-fueling.
Vetting of driver, vehicle and location.

No hidden costs

There is no platform or transactional cost to you as a customer.

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